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Why I'm Running

City of Edina Council Chamber web.jpg

Edina is a growing city. As such, our citizens and elected representatives will have to carefully negotiate amongst competing virtues such as affordability of housing, sustainability of growth with regards to our infrastructure and tax base, and stability of existing home values. Because these issues are vitally important, they must be handled with care and patience.


Unfortunately, Edina’s City Council has been fast-tracking a controversial development agenda with insufficient public input. Moreover, the council has repeatedly pursued projects that are incongruent with the citizens’ interests and wishes. I do not believe

 that the residents of Edina support such a heedless approach to city planning. For this reason, I have launched a campaign to join Edina’s City Council with the intention of influencing it from within.


Once elected, I will strive to increase the council’s transparency and responsiveness. I will be a voice of moderation. I will honor my commitment to serve the public interest. I believe that taxpayers deserve to understand and influence how their money is spent. I believe that citizens have a right to be heard. If you agree, then please vote for me, Ron Anderson, to serve on Edina City Council.

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