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Press Release

Ron Anderson announces his candidacy for the 2022 elections for City Council in Edina, Mn.

Anderson, a political independent with no party affiliation, is also president of Woodbridge Management and managing partner of Northridge Properties, as well as a current member of the Edina City Council. He formerly served as managing Vice President of Coldwell Banker operations in Edina. He has been the recipient of many recognitions and awards for his work but is most proud of his service to the City of Edina.


Anderson both coached and served as Board president for youth athletic programs through Edina Parks and Rec, and at Edina High School as coach and Booster Board president. Prior to his election to City Council, Anderson served two terms on the city’s Board of Appeals and Equalization. Currently, Anderson serves as vice-chair of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, and as a liaison to the Edina Public Schools District School Board. He has also served on the Metro Cities Housing and Economic Development Committee. 


“Edina’s leadership faces a significant challenge, in that the demand for affordable housing must be met without sacrificing Edina’s charm and neighborhood spirit. The often-competing virtues of safety, livability, inclusivity, and sustainability can be reconciled, but only through careful planning and consideration of all community perspectives. For that to occur, we must work with the development community, but posit that development must pay for itself. We must require great design, and work toward proper allocation of resources. To that end, I will continue as a staunch advocate for reason, responsibility, and transparency at City Hall.”


Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th, 2022. City Council elections will be held concurrently with state and federal elections.

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